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G.N. Sharov

FGU GE "Zapsibgeolsemka", Novokuznetsk, Russia


The purpose of this brief report is to pay your attention to a problem of pollution of hydrosphere of the Earth oil and oil products.

Now the hypothesis of a biogenic origin of oil is prevailing. It’s more and more get into the contradiction with cosmogonical representations about an origin and evolution of planets of a terrestrial class, with representations about formation of oil pools in an earth's crust, about a role of oil and gas in evolutions of the Earth.

Don’t going deep into the crux concerning origins НС (hydro-carbon), I wish to note, that methane is one of the most widespread and steadiest gases in a space. It is reasonable that its participation in formation of planets of terrestrial type is represented rather significant. During evolution the Earth gradually gives to a space a gas component of the substance by disappearance.

Formation of oil and natural gas fields during litologic histories of the Earth, their gradual outcrop and destruction, were in balance with other processes accompanying evolution of the Earth (formation of oceans, disappearance, etc.) before intervention of the man.

The catastrophic tectonic phenomena mentioning large blocks of an earth's crust, certainly promote not less catastrophic emissions in an hydrosphere of significant volumes of gas and, probably, oil. Influence of such emissions on biosphere, first of all is not enough oceans while it is studied.

Failures on the oil wells located on a shelf, outflow of oil from the sunk tankers lead to local tragically consequences. Their researches allow to present danger of mass emissions of oil to ocean, for example in case of nuclear catastrophe.

Mass emissions of oil in ocean and formation global oil films will inevitably lead to preservation of ocean, destruction of plankton, and behind it on a chain and other forms of a life.

Also change of interactions in system ocean - an atmosphere - a land which will lead to a global drought and as consequence, to destruction of present forms of a life on a land is inevitable.

Thus, the stated problem gets complex character and infringes on interests of all mankind. Its decision demands coordination of actions of all world community.

From space behind a condition of hydrosphere on the basis of specially developed program monitoring which data should be processed in the uniform research center can provide supervision. The information on pollution of waters of the seas and oceans should act also from mouth the rivers, draining oil-extracting areas. From areas of extraction the information in the uniform center about outflow of oil and mineral oil should act at extraction and transportation.

A legislative basis obligatory for all countries of commonwealth of the nations in order to make the control of a condition of hydrosphere stronger should be developed. In practice the normative documents, concerning dump of oil and mineral oil in hydrosphere, them quotation  also should be developed and introduced.

Certainly, much is done in the listed directions, however the alarm for a condition of hydrosphere does not weaken.

I call the leading scientists participating in the present Conference, its committee to support the initiative of creation of the uniform International center of monitoring of hydrosphere of the Earth which basic purpose would become prevention of pollution of hydrosphere by oil and products of its refining.


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